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Free Court Housing Eviction Landlord/Tenant Platform

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Miami-Dade County has launched a free online platform to serve as a mediator between landlords and tenants in eviction cases.

The platform, called courtHELP (court Housing Eviction Landlord/Tenant Platform), can be accessed at and is intended to help resolve eviction cases outside of courts, where a flood of new cases is expected now that the moratorium has ended.

According to data compiled by the Community Justice Project, 15,022 evictions have been filed in Miami-Dade from the start of the pandemic through August 20, 2021. That number is expected to skyrocket now that the moratorium is over.

Using simple yes or no questions, courtHELP allows anyone who has received an eviction notice to begin a discussion with their landlord about rental payment arrangements, financial assistance or coming up with a mutually agreed move-out date.

The tenant is required to start the process, and the landlord has the option to opt in. A court mediator will be assigned to each case and explore possible resolutions, saving precious judicial hours for other matters.

Documents uploaded to the platform will automatically be filed electronically into court records.

The mediation will not replace court hearings, and either party will have the ability to quit the mediation process at any time to continue the legal eviction process.

The website is currently available only in English, although versions in Spanish and Creole will be added soon.

Important: Eviction Processors and Your Agent in Miami are not responsible for any innacuracies or misinformation provided through this website. Please contact a lawyer and review the state statutes to ensure the forms that you are using are accurate and the information is current.

We highly recommend using professional Miami-Dade Court Officers and Certified Process Servers trained to professionally serve and remove Tenants. You can request a list of Eviction Processors using our Contact Form.

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