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Miami-Dade County Evictions Package

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Updated November 14, 2021

From the Clerk of the Courts

Landlord and tenant eviction packages, which contain forms for use in residential evictions for non-payment of rent, are available at the Clerk of the Courts Office.

To file an eviction action, you must provide the Clerk of the Courts Office with the correct number of the following forms, completed in advance:

Three copies: Three-Day Notice (one original is enclosed with the package)

One original and two copies: Complaint for Removal of Tenant (one original is enclosed with the package)

One copy to tenant

One copy to complainant

One copy for the Court

One original and two copies: Five-Day Summons (three are enclosed in the package)

A stamped envelope addressed to the defendant

$185 filing fee (cash, check, money order, Visa/Mastercard)

$40 Sheriff's Fee for each service of the Five-Day Summons per address (check, money order). You also have the option of hiring a certified process server. The Three-Day Notice can either be delivered to the property or sent through the mail. After three days, not including the day the notice is received, the Complaint for Removal of Tenant and the Five-Day Summons can be served on the tenant. If the first two attempts are unsuccessful, the documents can be posted on the residence. If the tenant does not leave the residence or fails to respond to the summons within the set time frame (five days not counting the day of service or posting, or Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays), you will need a Default Package, which you can also get at the Clerk of the Courts Office and it contains the following:

Affidavit of Non-Payment of Rent (notarized original required)

Non-Military Affidavit (notarized original required)

Motion for Default and Default (original)

Final Judgment for Removal of Tenant (original + two copies)

Writ of Possession (original + two copies)

You must supply two stamped envelopes (one addressed to you and one addressed to the tenant) and a check or money order for $115 made payable to "Miami-Dade County Sheriff." The check must be from a Miami-Dade County banking institution and have your name and address pre-printed on it.

Important: Eviction Processors and Your Agent in Miami are not responsible for any innacuracies or misinformation provided through this website. Please contact a lawyer and review the state statutes to ensure the forms that you are using are accurate and the information is current.

We highly recommend using professional Miami-Dade Court Officers and Certified Process Servers trained to professionally serve and remove Tenants. You can request a list of Eviction Processors using our Contact Form.

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